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Guerdy Abraira was born in Haiti and at the tender age of one, her family moved to Paris. At nine years old, her parents then decided that the United States would be the best fit for their family and, thus, they moved to Miami, Florida where Guerdy went to secondary school and college.

She quickly fell in love with the art of hosting and event planning became her career. Living and traveling throughout the world as she grew up, expanded her palette of various global cultures. In addition, her catering career on Fisher Island added extensive knowledge in food and beverage as well as helped her gain a loyal and diverse client base.

She then received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which allowed her to own her own events and floral studio on Fisher Island and over these important 7 years, her career took off. She was not only able to plan events but also fully conceptually design in-house which created an exceptionally smooth experience for her globe-trotting clients.

She is currently based out of Miami and New York but travels often for destination events. When asked, “where are you based?” her usually replies “out of an airplane!”

Planning Perfect Parties Worldwide with a boundless creative approach!

 “NOTE-TAKE”,  but always


Timeless with a Twist!​


  • Destination Wedding Planner


  • New York Wedding Planner


  • Miami Wedding Planner

Guerdy is a mother of two boys and has been with her high school sweetheart husband for 26 happy years (married 18 years).  She is one of seven siblings who all live throughout the globe in Paris, Greece, Portugal, Luxembourg, Germany, and New Zealand.


"I consider myself very lucky to have found what makes me happy everyday!"

- Guerdy

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To my brother and nieces
Emmanuel, Kofie-Jade and Zenzie

We will never forget you.

Emily and Alyahna 

"Kenbe La"!

So proud of your

courage and strength


Guerdy Design believes in the full pursuit of happiness & believes that love is love

and love is blind. Guerdy Design is honored to bring "all" celebratory visions to reality!


To Life, To Love, L'chaim!


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